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Annemarie Botzki holds a Master degree in Political Science from the London School of Economics and studied Enviornmental management at the Havard Extension School. She gained five years of experience in energy journalism and social media in Brussels and London and manages Solmove’s international projects and communication.

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Solmove technology is based on proven photovoltaics combined with an innovative, stable glass surface that can be glued on horizontal surfaces. Our modules are no-slippery, break-resistant and have a special structure that optimally directs sunlight on the underlying solar cells. The profile is self-cleaning and designed in a way that rainwater can drain well. The modules can easily and quickly be installed with a plug-in system.


Using existing surfaces

Solar streets enable the twofold use of existing areas as a traffic route and for electricity generation. As a result, the country’s use of conventional renewable energy production in nature is greatly reduced.

Finance road reconstruction

Our stable photovoltaic modules can revolutionize road construction. Solar roads earn money by producing electricity that can be used directly or fed into the grid for a feed-in tariff. With the money municipalities can refinance the modernization of roads.


In Germany alone, 1,400 km2 of horizontal surfaces are suitable for solar roads that could supply 20,000,000 cars with clean photovoltaic electricity. With future combined, inductive charging technology, electric cars will be supplied with power while driving.

Reach climate targets

Solar roads are large-scale power plants the save 100% carbon dioxide. With more clean electricity generated, nuclear and coal plants can be switched off.

"Drive on the street of the future!"

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