Alex is a 32 years old entrepreneur and innovator. He was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. Worked on multiple startups between 2004 and 2010. Between 2011 and 2012 worked with corporate and investment banking institutions. 

Between 2013 and 2016 he occupied strategy consulting position with McKinsey & Co.


Founded Discoperi in 2016. Since then occupies CEO position of the company. Finished IE IMBA program in 2017. Married and raising a son. Most in his life he enjoys bringing new innovations to life, travelling and spending time with his family and friends.

Alex Bondarenko has multiple years of speaking experience, both prior and during his life at Discoperi. Prior Discoperi he participated in multiple public events as a McKinsey & Co. consultant. During his life-journey at IE Business School, where he studied on MBA program, Alex was a public speaker and President of IE Consulting Club and, thus, was a weekly speaker for the audience 50-100 ppl during end of 2016 - mid 17. Starting from the first days at Discoperi, Alex was involved in the public events, where he presented the company and its vision. Altogether, Alex was a speaker on ~10 events, including: Wayra, IE Startup Lab, IE Venture Lab (all - Spain), F10 (Switzerland), KPMG (Luxembourg), UVCA (Ukraine), Impact '18 (Poland), World Blockchain Summit (Singapore), etc.

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Every incredible venture starts with an idea and a group of enthusiasms able to pursue it. The more diversified and varied group is (by experience, age, ethnicity etc.) the more passion and outcome it demonstrates.


As most of such amazing companies, DISCOPERI Inc. started from scratch by group of professionals. Established in June 2016 in Ukraine. From the first day DISCOPERI aimed to change the world by making it a better place for generations. Out of main global challenges that humanity faces today, the company chose road traffic safety.


Simple and trivial problem from one angle, after detailed analysis showed up to be a huge global issue. Few facts: 1.25 mm people died in roads accidents and 7.4 mm cars have been stolen both in 2015. This resulted in more than $100 bln losses for global economy and millions of life deterioration cases.


After having this data on the table we started asking «awkward» questions: why is this happened with all today`s fansy road control systems? Who is responsible? What an average person can do to protect his/her family from being injured in road accident or robbery? As we could not find satisfying answer — we created a project called EYE.


EYE is a first in the world holistic road traffic control system. We gave a power to conduct a control function from infrastructure to driving participants. We took responsibility for feedbacking on roads safety. Today everybody`s opinion counts. Thanks to EYE we will make our roads much more safer and will prevent millions of accidents, protect people lives and health, and save billions of potential losses.

Discoperi Inc.
Discoperi Inc.

Discoperi @ Startup World Cup

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Discoperi Inc.
Discoperi Inc.

Discoperi Inc.

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Discoperi @ World Blockchain Summit

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