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Przemyslaw is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hyper Poland. He has got 10 years of managerial experience in finance and sales, gained mostly in private banking, fund management, real estate brokerage and land development sectors. He used to manage a portfolio of real estate assets in one of the largest Polish banks and used to be a Board Member of nine SPVs of a closed-end property fund. Przemyslaw is a PhD candidate at Kozminski University in Warsaw (Management in New Technologies).


He is a graduate of ESCP Europe in Paris (Master's in Management: London-Madrid- Paris, Major: Public Management) and Cracow University of Economics (Master’s in Economics, Major: Spatial Economics).

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Hyper Poland is a multidisciplinary team of experts developing a breakthrough technology to address transportation challenges of the 21st century. They have developed an original three step approach towards implementing a full-scale Hyperloop passenger system, that could allow passengers to travel from Budapest to Warsaw in approx. 36 minutes.

"We design agile transportation of tomorrow – join us on this exiting journey."

Currently, the team is focused on addressing the challenges of logistics markets, where the main means for transporting goods is road transport. It causes major problems such as greenhouse gas emissions, road safety issues or road infrastructure wear. Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV) are slow, heavy polluters and prone to traffic congestion. Our Smart Logistics Platform, consisting of hardware and software, is a Hyperloop-inspired technology with autonomous, environmentally friendly and reliable logistic vehicles moving in a closed environment. Its implementation on short-distance routes of up to 50 km will lead to subsequent development of a large cargo network which will finally be transformed into a continent-wide web moving people at the speed of sound.


Hyper Poland designs agile transportation set to revolutionize conventional transportation systems and networks by enhancing efficiency and speed, argumenting design and function and ultimately servicing communities better. Join us at our exclusive event and be part of a forward-moving future!

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