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Kevin Noertker, Cofounder and CEO of Ampaire, graduated with honors from Caltech in 2009 with a B.S. in engineering. Kevin spent seven years in aerospace R&D and program management at Northrop Grumman, running multi-million dollar programs and developing and fielding advanced aircraft and satellite technologies. He has a proven track record for initiating and delivering innovative technical solutions, building and motivating teams, and optimizing systems. He now runs Ampaire, an aerospace startup based in Los Angeles that’s developing electric airplanes. Ampaire is nearly two years old and enables Kevin to combine his technical and management skills with his entrepreneurial vision, love for the outdoors, and passion for things that fly.

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Ampaire is on a mission to make all air travel electric and is developing revolutionary zero-emission aircraft. We won the Top Aerospace Startup award at the 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Startup Challenge. Our Los Angeles, California based team brings expertise from big companies, startups, and research institutions across the aerospace and electric vehicle industries. We’ve developed an original aircraft propulsion architecture and will be flying full-size later this year.


Traditional planes are expensive to operate due to high fuel and maintenance costs, and they burden communities with significant pollution and noise. Flights to rural communities are getting cancelled due to high operating costs. Air travel is the greatest source of lead in the United States, and currently injects worldwide over 800 million tons of CO2 directly into the atmosphere every year. Our electric planes eliminate these pains and connect more communities with air travel than ever before.

We have a unique risk reduction approach to developing our energy optimized electric aircraft. We’re first starting from the core power plant, and leverage existing aircraft which we convert from fuel to electric powered. Meanwhile, technology improvements can be integrated with our powertrain which allow us to be fast to market in a tightly integrated, energy optimized, all electric aircraft.

"We are building the third revolution of aviation.

Come fly with us!"

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