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Toast to the revival of science-focused entrepreneurship in Hungary

Dear Community

We are faced with serious challenges over the coming years and decades. Climate change, food security, healthcare, the energy revolution, innovations in robotics and artificial intelligence, just to name a few developments set to impact our lives tremendously.

To address these challenges, the global community needs to unite and truly engage in efforts towards transformation which are necessary to protect future generations. Our responsibility is to help social education and provide proper tools to achieve sustainability.

It is therefore important to embrace changing attitudes and cultivate a more conscious approach to our relationship with nature and technology. By making information and technology available, we build communities that are adaptable to the future without neglecting our responsibility for keeping our planet sustainable today. We believe some of the solutions which can change millions of lives are now in the laboratories of Hungarian universities and research institutions. As a result, there is a need to bring these solutions from the laboratories and making them accessible to the global market.

Hello Tomorrow Hungary

Hello Tomorrow HQ Team

At Hello Tomorrow, we believe that the scientific-entrepreneurial mindset should be nurtured and we acknowledge the importance of fostering science innovation starting with our local institutions. For those reasons, the Hello Tomorrow global program was launched as a gateway to achieving the goal of promoting entrepreneurship in the sciences. I am hereby pleased to inform you that we launched our Hungarian hub in January 2018, and we are here to support and help facilitate the journey of your innovative creations from the lab and to the wider world.

Our mission is to encourage science-based entrepreneurship, build a competitive deep-tech startup ecosystem in Hungary and connect it with our global actionable network. We direct international attention and expertise towards local challenges. We explore next technologies for Hungarian enterprises to boost their competitiveness in the regional and global markets. We call everyone to action in this regard because together we can create a worthwhile today and build an even better tomorrow.

Hello Tomorrow Hungary

Ambassadors of Local Hubs

We are glad to see that the tech-culture is once again on the rise in Hungary thanks to public support – government and civil, financial and non-financial contributions, tenders, incubator and accelerator projects.

Let us together enhance the development of science innovation in Hungary while making many researchers’ dream a reality.

We look forward to seeing you at our debut event on September 27, in Budapest.

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