• Attila Gyori

Remarkable results in our debut year

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

We achieved remarkable results in our debut year, 2018. Let's see the 4 completed objectives!


We organised an international conference and deep tech startup expo

Hello Tomorrow Hungary's debut event in numbers


We partnered with prominent stakeholders of the local deep tech ecosystem


We enabled outstanding startup success from Hungary

We discovered and guided two Hungarian startups: TurbineAi and AerinX, who made the final at our Global Challenge. From over 4,500 applicants, these two startups were selected as being among the best 6-7 within their categories.With this result we exceeded our debut year’s target, which was to have two startups become eligible to participate in our activities in Paris.


Trend analysis and sourcing for a leading Hungarian enterprise

One of the largest corporations in Hungary turned to us to help them discover technologies with potential to increase their competitiveness on the market. We discovered fantastic technologies developed by the HT alumni, and also prepared a report for them about the key pillars of startup-corporate collaboration.

Hello Tomorrow Hungary - Tech Report

+1 Bonus Achievement

Both the expert jury and the public voted our presentation as the grand winner ("Best overall design" and "People’s Choice") at the Global Prezi Challenge 2018.

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